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Information about the coronavirus

14th AGM SGfB
Due to the ongoing corona crisis, the SGfB Management Board has decided to cancel the 14th AGM on 9 March, which was postponed to 15 June 2020. A written vote on the most important transactions will be held up to and including 20 May 2020.

SGfB secretariat

The SGfB secretariat will remain open, but will increasingly work in the home office. Applications will continue to be processed. We thank you for your understanding if there are delays.

Advisory practice, as of 27.04.2020
In principle, the SGfB recommends that you adhere to the behaviour and hygiene measures of the Federal Office of Public Health. The guidelines of the cantons also apply. Please visit the information page of the cantons.

General recommendations:

  • Wear a mask if the distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained (even during psychosocial counselling).
  • There is no quarantine obligation if the protective measures are observed. The reason for this is that in practice the setting is not defined as close contact. The prerequisite is that the 1.5m physical distance between them can be maintained. If the 1.5 m physical distance cannot be maintained because of an intervention, both persons must wear a mask, provided that the exposure time transmits a quarter of an hour. The SGfB recommends that both persons wear a mask, even if the intervention lasts less than 15 minutes. Only close contact (closer than 1.5m and longer than 15min) is subject to quarantine.
  • Counsellors who show symptoms or have been in close contact with a person who tested positive go into quarantine and get tested.
  • The SGfB recommends regular airing (hourly, between consultations) and the provision of disinfectant.
  • Between consultations, the seat and work surface must be cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.

The SGfB has developed a protection concept for counselling based on the federal government's model protection concept.

The following recommendations apply to online solutions:

  • Inform patients that there are risks regarding confidentiality and data security on the Internet.
    We recommend that patients give their written consent that they have been informed of the risk and agree to it.
  • Patient documentation and professional secrecy should be handled in the same way as during a consultation in the practice.
  • In Switzerland, telephone calls and e-mail traffic (if the server is located in Switzerland) are considered secure. However, there is no absolute security here.
  • For video conferences, for example, wire (server is located in Switzerland) is considered secure.
  • Since data protection cannot be guaranteed 100% for online consulting, we recommend that you be released from professional secrecy.

It is important to mention that the responsibility still lies with the advising person.

Loss of earnings, as at 02.07.2020
The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO provides information on loss of earnings in connection with the coronavirus. Self-employed persons who suffer a loss of earnings due to official measures to combat the coronavirus will be compensated unless compensation or insurance benefits already exist. Payment of the new compensation for loss of earnings due to the corona crisis is made through the AHV compensation funds. You can find the form and information for those affected here. For individual advice on how to proceed, we recommend the coronavirus hotline of the responsible AHV offices.
Support for loss of earnings compensation for the self-employed was extended until mid-September.

Information on the extended eligibility criteria for short-time work compensation.

Information on continuing education, as of 22.10.2020
Classroom events with larger groups are possible from 06 June. The minimum distance of 1.5 meters may be undercut if attendance lists are kept. In general, please observe the basic principles for classroom instruction in continuing education courses offered by the SERFI and the FOPH. Since the ordinance of October 18, 2020 (amendment of October 19, 2020), the regulation that masks are mandatory in all publicly accessible indoor spaces has been in effect. The obligation to wear a mask also applies to course rooms in private further education institutions.
Further information on the implementation of further training courses can be found on the website of the Swiss Association for Further Training.

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We set standards for counselling and warrant quality and professionalism.

The Swiss Association for Counselling / Die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Beratung SGfB seeks to strengthen the identity of counselling professions, to ensure the quality of professional psychosocial counselling, to allow it to evolve and to promote its scientific and professional foundations. If you wish to learn more about us, our objectives and our approach to counselling you will find numerous information sources here.

If you wish to be informed about psychosocial counselling, you will find SGfB’s approach to this format of counselling described here.

If you are looking for advice as to how to solve problems and on how to further your personal development, you will find suggestions for the choice of a suitable counsellor.

If you represent an institution or an association which offers qualified counselling training and are interested in a organisational membership of the SGfB, you will find our conditions of admission here.

If you are interested in becoming an individual member of the SGfB as an individual person, you will find the indications for individual members here, for members training here and for passive members here.

We are very pleased that SGfB as an umbrella association today unites 28 organizations and over 500 individual members who have obtained the specialist title of SGfB counsellor.

I warmly welcome you on behalf of the Executive Board

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