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About us

The Swiss Association for Counselling was founded in Zürich on the 6th May 2006. Its statutes can be found here. It consists of 22 organisational members, institutions, associations, organizations and more than 350 individual members from the field of psychosocial counselling who contribute to a high professional quality with their competencies.

SGfB’s aims
SGfB provides clarity in the fragmented and confusing world of counselling. It strengthens the identity of the psychologically oriented counselling professions through measures for quality development and assurance. It also promotes the scientific and professional foundations of counselling.

Advanced Federal Diploma
The Swiss Association for Counselling SGfB has been charged by the government with organising and conducting this federal professional examination in psychosocial studies. This professional title identifies its holder as qualified specialist in the field of psychosocial counselling. You will find information about the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation SERI here.

SGfB unites four categories of membership. Detailed information about the various categories of membership, the admission procedures and the contributions can be found in the section becoming a member.

General Assembly
The supreme governing and decision making body is the General Assembly. It comprises all members of the association.

Organisational members are represented by delegates with dual voting rights. Individual members have single voting rights. Members in training and passive members can attend without voting rights.

The board is responsible for strategically guiding SGfB.

Within SGfB five committees have special duties. The Ethics Committee, the Quality Committee, the Appeals Committee, the Professional Interests Committee and the examination commission.