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Change Continuing education certificate

Effective January 1, 2024, 1/3 of the continuing education hours (25 hrs.) in face-to-face online classes will be accepted as continuing education credits. Face-to-face online instruction is understood to mean active participation in an online continuing education course, but not watching a recording after the fact.

50 continuing education hours must be completed in on-site classroom instruction.

Supervisions can be completed 100% online and thus submitted.

Invoices and registration confirmations of continuing education and supervision will not be accepted as evidence. The requirement for evidence remains unchanged. Receipts confirmed by signature of the performing organization / person will be accepted. Evidence must include the number of hours completed and be dated.

For active bso members: The QE certificate submitted to the bso (due every three years) can be credited as proof of further training and supervision with the SGfB. In order for the certificate to be recognized by the SGfB, written confirmation of the bso quality meeting is required. This voucher is to be sent when the email requesting submission of the continuing education credentials is received from SGfB. If this is the case, the SGfB’s three-year cycle will be aligned with the bso’s cycle.