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On May 2, 2006, the SGfB constitutes itself for the first time at the founding meeting in Zurich. What happened since then until today, you can read on the following page.

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Due to the special circumstances this year, the annual business was voted on in writing for the first time. The new president Katharina Wolf was elected. Despite the challenges of the year, the new board succeeds in settling in.

The Appeals Commission was adopted this year. Appeal cases are now handled by Beat Messerli, Advokatur JSM.

Online learning and online consulting are gaining in importance this year and are slipping into the SGfB’s focus.

The Recognition Insurance Working Group is reformatting itself this year and is actively advancing this cause.

Annual report 2020


An expanded management team is introduced, and the secretariat and management are now located in Zurich.

The examination regulations for the Advanced Federal Diploma Examination are definitively approved by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI.

The newly established Communications and Marketing Commission has started its work. The topic of online consulting is coming more into focus.

Annual report 2019


The AGM approves the newly developed strategy paper 2017-2020, in which the future challenges are named and the external and internal tasks are defined.

Last year, a gratifyingly high number of SGfB consultants passed the Higher Professional Examination.

The Board of Directors is reorganized, and several members of the Board and Commission step down after many years of commendable work.

Annual report 2018


Handover of the baton from Dr. Irène Kummer to Margot Ruprecht as Vice President.

The Higher Professional Examination for Counselor in the Psychosocial Field HFP is not united in one examination regulation with HFP Supervisor/Coach-Organizational Consultant. The SGfB remains the sole sponsor of the HFP PSB.

The examination regulations on the HFP for counselor, counselor in the psychosocial field, valid from 1.1.2018, will be definitively approved on 13.12.2017.

Britta Beinat announces her resignation as clerk in the SGfB secretariat as of March 31, 2018.

Annual report 2017


The anniversary “10 years Swiss Society for Consulting SGfB” was the highlight of the reporting year and a great milestone in our history. It is through the powerful commitment of all our institutions and members, as well as volunteers, that we have come a long way as an association.

SGfB quo vadis in the next 10 years? We need a strategy that sets the direction. It was presented at the collective members’ conference in a short paper that identified challenges and opportunities, reflected SGfB’s mission statement, and included strategic guiding principles (including activities and indicators). The members should be able to participate in the strategy so that they can also support it. The product of SGfB – psychosocial counseling – should be made visible. The foundation is in place, the structures and existing resources provide security.

Under the direction of Gérard Kahn, KRIPS GmbH, the NQF evaluation for the HFP has come to a pleasing conclusion with a rating of 6 (out of a maximum of 8).

Annual Report 2016


The Wikipedia entry was a highlight this year. Sylvia Baumann has thus taken the publicity of psychosocial counseling, or rather this new professional profile, a further step forward.

About 100 new members, including 3 collective members, have helped the SGfB to grow by about + 30%.

Another highlight is a change in the conduct of the Higher Professional Examination: HFPs in the national languages of German, French and Italian are also allowed to conduct advisory sequences in English, incl. the English version. Transcript included.

Annual report 2015


Hedi Bretscher-Zeier has handed over the presidency of the SGfB to her successor Rosmarie Zimmerli after the intensive 8-year pioneering and building-up phase. The growth of the SGfB is expressed, among other things, in the enlargement of the secretariat, which undergoes a move from Rheinfelden to Möriken.

In March, April, October and November, higher professional examinations are held in Olten and Bellinzona in German, French and Italian. 49 candidates receive the diploma of counselor in the psychosocial field.

As part of its membership in the Mental Health Network, the SGfB is collaborating on the “Swiss Manifesto for Public Mental Health”.

Annual report 2014


On June 28, 2013, the examination regulations for the Higher Professional Examination (HFP) will come into force. The SGfB has thus been commissioned by the Swiss Confederation to organize and conduct the federal professional examination in the psychosocial field.

Preparations for the organization and implementation of the first examinations are started. A working group drafts a guideline for developing the personal consulting concept. This will be part of the HFP.

The SGfB becomes a member of the NPG Network Mental Health Switzerland/RPG Réseau Santé Psychique Suisse.

Annual report 2013


The year brings great changes and challenges for the board, commissions, delegates, treasurer and secretariat.

In the middle of the year, IFCoS in Lugano, the Istituto di Formazione per la Comunicazione Specialistica and Webster University in Geneva will be integrated. Thus, 20 SGfB collective members offer a total of 22 SGfB-approved counseling trainings. Italian and English language versions are added to the SGfB website.

In September, the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology OPET approves the examination regulations for the Higher Professional Examination HFP in the psychosocial field. An objection is raised and later rejected by OPET.

SGfB joins the EAC European Association for Counselling.

At the end of the year, the SGfB has 225 active members and 47 members in training.

Annual report 2012


In the spirit of professionalization, the membership categories will be reorganized. Member institutions become collective members and titleholders become active members with voting and election rights. There are two new categories: Members in training and passive members.

At the end of the year, the SGfB has 132 active members. With the Christmas mail they will receive the new SGfB logo.

Thanks to the great commitment of the board, commissions and collective members, the position of the SGfB as a professional association is visibly strengthened with regard to the HFP.

Annual report 2011


The title-entitled consultants are provided with graphics in the corporate design of the SGfB for their personal advertising. The sur dossier procedure for acquiring the specialist title is introduced.

An OPET working group is created. Examination regulations and guidelines for the Fachausweis (FA) and the Höhere Fachprüfung (HFP) are being drawn up. BSO, SCA and SKA terminate the cooperation with SGfB in the sponsoring organization regarding a common examination regulation and SGfB will conduct the HFP in the counseling format “Psychosocial Counseling” on its own.

Annual report 2010


Collective professional liability insurance will be created and the web directory of registered counselors will be expanded.

The first draft project for the Higher Professional Examination is submitted to OPET. One challenge is the differentiation between the various consulting formats. The need for more public acceptance of the psychosocial counseling format becomes clear.

At the end of the year, the number of members of institutions and associations is 17, and the number of consultants with specialist titles is 83.

Annual report 2009


Within the framework of vocational training at the federal level, new qualification opportunities for counselors are to be created. The goal is the Federal Advanced Federal Diploma Examination HFP.

The sponsorship of the project consists of 4 associations:
Professional Association for Supervision and Organizational Consulting BSO
Swiss Cadre Organization SKO
Swiss Coaching Association SCA
Swiss Society for Consulting SGfB.

A flyer is designed and an advertising campaign is launched with it. The number of SGfB titleholders doubles, reaching 44 people by the end of the year.

Annual report 2008


A further 5 institutions become members of the SGfB, the specialist titles Consultant and Counsellor SGfB are trademarked, regulations for the various commissions are adopted. A secretarial position will be created and the website will be expanded to include a French language version.

Annual report 2007


The SGfB is constituted on May 2 at the founding meeting in Zurich. The founding members represent psychologically oriented counseling disciplines from individual, couple and family counseling as well as from the environment of counseling groups, institutions and organizations.

The founding members are the following 11 institutions:

Swiss Society for Individual Psychology according to Alfred Adler, SGIPA Swiss Association for Integrative Body Psychotherapy, IBP
Swiss Society for Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counseling, SGGT
Swiss Society for Systemic Therapy and Counselling, SGS
Swiss Society for Transactional Analysis, SGTA
Association for Systemic Couple and Family Counseling and Therapy, VEF Women’s Seminar Bodensee, FSB
Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy, IKP
Further education institute for solution-oriented consulting, wilob
Center for Form and Transformation, Organismic-Integrative Psychotherapy, OIP
Center for Psychosynthesis and Holistic Healing, aeon

As president, Hedi Bretscher also takes over the secretariat and the management.

Admission regulations for membership in the SGfB, application forms for obtaining the SGfB specialist title, regulations for the commissions, etc. are being prepared. Contacts with BSO, EAC and DGfB are created.

Annual report 2006