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SGfB Policy

Since the first year of its existence, SGfB, the first Swiss professional Association for Counselling, has done a lot to build up the association. Since 2013, SGfB has been commissioned by the Swiss federal authorities to carry out the Advanced Diploma Examination in Counselling.

At its annual retreat in summer 2015, the SGfB board formulated objectives and measures for the areas quality, national and international relations, research, training and development and for the organization of SGfB for the current year.
The main objectives are presented here in a summarized revised and updated form.


SGfB is committed to observe high quality standards. It is a clear point of contact for the public and provides guidance for the psychological and counselling professions. Firmly established committees ensure transparency with respect to professional and organisational matters. SGfB and the training institutions pursue the same overarching goals with respect to professional policy and our professions. The diversity of offerings with regard to concepts and methods is taken into account. Training institutions (SGfB collective members), Counsellors (SGfB active members) and Counsellors in training (SGfB members in training) comply with clear guidelines for the accreditation by the SGfB and continually update them. SGfB continually adjusts the conditions for the recognition of its members to the current state of knowledge and research. This particularly applies to the recertification of courses in the accredited training institutions and the recognition of counsellors of non-accredited training institutions (sur-dossier procedures). The various linguistic areas in Switzerland and our members` multilingualism are taken into account.

National relations

As a member of the NPG network, the network for mental health, SGfB, together with public and private organizations, institutions and companies, is committed to the promotion of mental health in Switzerland. Its purpose is the exchange of knowledge information and experience. 

Since 2017, SGfB has supported VMI, The Institute for Research on Management of Associations, Foundations and Co-operatives of the university of Fribourg. In this way, it belongs to a knowledge and experience community of about 400 practitioners, counsellors, professors and specialized university institutes from all over the German-speaking world. VMI’s mission is to develop NPO-specific management knowledge and techniques for its supporters.

SGfB is well placed in the Swiss landscape of education and training. Because SGfB has been commissioned to carry out the Advanced Diploma Examination (Federal diploma), by the federal authorities, its role in advanced higher vocational education has become more important. The importance of SGfB as guarantor of quality criteria, quality development and quality assurance for SGfB members as well as networking platform is being highlighted. 
SGfB`s attractiveness for its members should be ensured for the long term and new members should be attracted.

International relations

SGfB makes an important contribution to the development and consolidation of the counselling profession in Switzerland. This heightened profile also receives international attention. SGfB observes developments of networks at national and international level and examines options for cooperation.

Research, training and development

SGfB monitors national and international developments as well as research results, publications and projects in the area of counselling. It promotes the exchange between the accredited institutions in the areas of transfer of knowledge, projects about concepts and methods and the general view of the profession. It uses synergies in the areas of research at the national and international levels.


SGfB’s strengths are the enormous commitment of the board and the committees and the efficiently and effectively run secretariat. The growth of SGfB requires a continuous adaptation of the organisational framework. 

Under the SGfB umbrella, there is also the examination committee for the Advanced Diploma Examination and its Examination secretariat. The final approval with respect to the organization of the Advanced Diploma Examination has been given by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI on 1st of january 2018. The joint umbrella organisation for various counselling formats, originally strived for by SERI, has been clarified: SGfB can continue as an independent umbrella organization with its own examination regulations for an indefinite period of time.

Updated Financial year 2018