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Here you can find events we are working on. At some of them you will have the opportunity to get to know us, to network with us or to find out how the Higher Professional Examination works. We are looking forward to seeing you!



Resilience – crisis-proof in everyday life

June 8, 9:1517:15

We all experience minor and major crises in our everyday lives. What can we do to prevent them from blocking us or throwing us off course completely? How can we perhaps even grow from them?

EMK Aarau Effingerweg 2, Aarau, Switzerland


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Swiss Congress for Adlerian Psychology (SKAP)

7. & September 8, 2024

in 5034 Suhr (AG)

Individual psychology according to Alfred Adler is rightly called “everyday psychology”. The possible applications of this surprisingly appealing and timeless direction in psychology are broad and the congress is dedicated to this diversity. You can expect truly brilliant training. Information:

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(Higher Professional Examination)


5.30pm to 6.30pm

Highly sensitive – delicate or sensitively competent?

September 21, 9:1517:15

What is high sensitivity? Am I highly sensitive myself? How does permanent stress arise and what effects does it have? High sensitivity in the light of the Bible. Highly sensitive characteristics in different areas of life. Stress and self-management.

TDS Aarau Frey-Herosé-Strasse 9, Aarau, Switzerland


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Porn addiction – accompanying those affected on their way to freedom

November 2, 9:15 – 17:15

Empowerment of pastors and counselors to accompany and counsel men and women addicted to pornography who are seeking help in quitting their addiction. Promoting language skills in a church context.

Salvation Army Aarau Asylstrasse 34, Aarau, Switzerland

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KKM (Conference of Collective Members) – for members only


Place: Ticino

The exact time & location will be announced soon.

Online workshop: Discover the power of emotions

November 23, 9:00 – 12:15

Emotions are God’s gift to you so that your life can be more successful. Would you like to understand emotions better and learn how to use them as a valuable resource? In this workshop… … you will learn how to better recognize, perceive and express your emotions in a more differentiated way. … you recognize the function and benefits of emotions and […]

Salvation Army Aarau Asylstrasse 34, Aarau, Switzerland


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Graduation ceremony 2024 in Zurich