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The SGfB maintains contacts with the most important professional associations in the psychosocial field in Switzerland and abroad. In addition, we are in the constant process of expanding and developing our well-functioning network.

The SGfB is a member of the NPG Network Mental Health Switzerland/RSP Réseau Santé Psychique Suisse. Together with public and private organizations, institutions and companies, we are committed to mental health in Switzerland. The network supports information exchange and knowledge transfer between mental health stakeholders at the national level, making innovative approaches accessible and promoting synergies. For more information, visit

As a member of the “Mental Health Network Switzerland NPG”, the SGfB is also a member of the “Action Alliance Mental Health Switzerland”. In this context, we participate in the discussion of the “Dialogue National Health Policy” of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH about mental health projects in Switzerland.

On an international level, we periodically cooperate with other networks and maintain a regular exchange with: