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The SGfB unites four memberships: Collective members, active members, members in training and passive members.

As collective members organizations are accepted, training institutes and associations that offer counseling training that meets the quality criteria and the admission regulations of the SGfB. They are represented at the General Assembly by delegates and have double voting and election rights.

Active members are certified consultants who have obtained their diploma from a collective member. Active members are entitled to use the protected professional title “Consultant SGfB” or “Consultant SGfB” or “Counsellor SGfB”. The specialist title of the SGfB is an additional proof of quality to the diploma of the counseling education. He demonstrates solid, accredited training, continuing education, and ethically sound professional practice.
The active members carry the founding goals of the SGfB to the public and thereby support the society in its tasks. They are entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting with voting and election rights.

Members in training complete a counseling training course recognized by the SGfB. They are entitled to participate in the General Meeting with the right to vote and to be elected.

Passive members are former collective or active members as well as legal entities and natural persons who support the concerns of the SGfB. They are entitled to participate in the General Meeting with the right to vote and to be elected. I soci attivi possono stipulare un’assicurazione di responsabilità civile professionale a condizioni agevolate.

The membership fee is charged annually. The annual fee for collective members is CHF 1’250.00 and is payable by the end of February of the following year. Active members pay CHF 210.00 per year, members in training and passive members pay CHF 100.00 per year.

The application fee for the admission procedure with quality examination is CHF 800.00 for collective members, CHF 300.00 for active members and CHF 800.00 for active members sur dossier (or CHF 1’000.00 for foreign diplomas due to the additional administrative work). Any cancellation of active membership must be made by 30.11 of the previous year at the latest, otherwise membership will be automatically renewed.

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