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We are the umbrella organization for counseling in the psychosocial field. Our members are training centers, institutions, associations and consultants in the field of psychosocial counseling who meet recognized high quality standards. We raise the profile of the profession, engage in professional politics, network innovatively, and offer a broad, competent range of services for people seeking psychosocial counseling.

This is us

The Swiss Society for Counseling (SGfB) consists of 40 institutions, associations and federations that are listed with us as collective members and over 600 psychosocial counselors who are active members.

We act according to a clearly defined understanding of consulting and according to ethical principles that we have clearly established.

Since 2013, we have been the Federal Examination Commission for the Advanced Federal Diploma Examination (HFP) – commissioned by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI ). We award prospective counselors with a federal diploma as a qualified professional in the field of psychosocial counseling.

We are committed to

We create clarity in the confusing consulting landscape. We strengthen the identity of the psychologically oriented counseling professions through measures of quality assurance and quality development. We promote the professional and scientific foundations of counseling/counseling. We represent the professional interests of our members on a national level and are represented in relevant networks for this purpose.

What we offer

For all aspiring and already graduated consultants, an innovative network that strengthens and expands the competencies of its members by promoting synergies and in regular events. In addition, we certify active members with the protected specialist title “Psychosocial Counselor:in SGfB”. Become a member now.

A directory of training institutions in the field of psychosocial counseling with all important contact points for optimal preparation for the Higher Professional Examination (HFP). More info about becoming a consultant.

A directory of certified counselors:in the psychosocial field with numerous options for high-quality, competent and professional life assistance in all conceivable areas of life.

This is how we are organized

We are organized in four different memberships: Collective Members, Active Members, Members in Training and Passive Members.

Our supreme body and decision-making forum is the General Meeting. All members belong to it. Collective members are represented by delegates with double voting and election rights, active members have single voting and election rights, and members in training and passive members are entitled to participate without voting and election rights.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic management of the SGfB.

Six commissions and one working group take on special tasks. These are the Ethics Commission, the Quality Commission, the Appeals Commission, the Professional Policy Commission, the Examination Commission and the Communications and Marketing Commission, as well as the Insurance Recognition Working Group.

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